This Is Airsoft

Airsoft is a great hobby and sport:
Meet new people.
Buy yourself a cool looking replica.
Take it to the field and destroy the enemy team together with your friends

Airsoft Team From The Netherlands

We are mostly active in the Northern part of The Netherlands.

Fields we already visited:

Airsoft Combat Support (Munnekezijl)
Balls and Arrows (Lelystad)
Bunker Hill (3division) (Daarle)
Copperhead Tactical (Assen)
Veluwe Airsoft (Hulshorst)

Fields we plan to visit soon:

CQB-City (Arnhem)
H.E.L. Shooter (Rijswijk)
RSL (Assendelft)


The Airsoft Community is a great one with a lot of support from all sides.
Join our community by subscribing to our Youtube Channel and Follow us on Instagram

Fair Play

Fair Play is one of the fundamentals of airsoft.
In Paintball you can see if you hit your enemy.
In Airsoft we need to be able to trust eachother to call their hits.
So please do so lets keep it fair for everyone.

Gentlemans Game

Airsoft is a gentlemans game.
If we all call our hits and don`t get mad at each other.
Everyone can have a great time on the field.


Fun is one of the keywords in Airsoft.
Even if your team is losing but you have fun with your team you had a great day !

Meet Our Team


Team Leader

Playing Airsoft for 3 Years now.

Favorite Playstyle: Assault
Favorite Replica: G&G Honeybadger

Filmer & Editor for our Youtube Video`s


Team Leader

Started The Team together with Chris
Always trying to expand the collection.


2nd in Command

Playing Airsoft for 2 Years now.
Favorite Playstyle: Assault
Favorite Replica: G&G GC16 MPW 9
2nd in command on the field


Newest Member

Joined The Woodland Warriors since Januari 2021
Favorite Playstyle: Assault
Favorite Replica: Specna Arms M4


Our webshop offers our team`s merchandise like Patches and Clothing.
In the future we will add more items to our stock.

By purchasing our merchandise you directly support our team !

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